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There is an abundance of opportunities for children at Anew Dimension to learn and develop new interests and skills each day inside their classrooms and playgrounds.  We also offer further enrichment opportunities that expand children's experiences in areas of music, performance art, international dance, yoga, science, poetry,
and multi-lingual and mixed media storytelling sessions. 

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Music Classes

Music classes are offered on a weekly basis and include both music and movement.  Children play musical games, learn musical terms, listen to a variety of different types of music, learn and sing songs together, dance and engage in musical instrument play.  Music classes engage children in joyful experiences that nourish their development and love for music.

Imagination Theatre

Imagination Theatre performances are offered on a monthly basis.  Puppets and sets designed to glow in black light use music and dialog to tell original stories to the children.  It is an important experience that encourages creativity and emergent literacy.   

Learn more about Imagination Theatre

Poetry Parfait

Poetry parfait is offered on a monthly basis.  Children are introduced to the rhyme, rhythm and imagery of poetry.  Poetry can help stimulate early literacy skills and encourages children to play with words and language.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are offered on a weekly basis. Children learn simple poses that help to develop strength, coordination, and flexibility.  

International Dance Classes

International dance classes are offered on a monthly basis. Each month, children visit a new country to learn about their dance and costume/traditional dance attire.  Children learn and practice new dances, listen to music, and can see and touch costumes.  

International dance provides children with aerobic movement, self confidence, and awareness of different cultures.

Multi-lingual/Mixed Media Storytelling

Center storytelling is offered on a monthly basis. Every month we choose a new story that is told to children in English and a second language, or through a mixed media presentation.

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