Staff will continue to build strong relationships with children and families in order to be in tune with what children need to succeed.

Curriculum, Teaching and Assessments

Curriculum will be reflective of children's interests and age-appropriate activities in line with the Creative Curriculum. Lesson planning will be informed by children's assessment results and individual goals.

Health and Wellness

Overcome Covid-19.  Promote equity in health.

Staff Competencies, Preparation and Support

Provide staff with, and refer them to, relevant training (such as a class on early literacy).  Increase staff compensation.  Recruit new staff. Support team work in and out of center.


Host more family events, including the annual recital.  Make alliances with community at large.

Physical Environment

Keep improving playgrounds, more shade for Preschool/School Age side.

Imagination Theatre

Magical Musical Dragon Changer is a show designed to counter bullying and promote good choices and kindness.